1. Are your waterproof cargos truly waterproof?
    1. Yes they are manufactured using spandex/cotton.
  2. What makes your waterproof cargos stand out from regular ones?
    1. They are stylish durable and comfortable for all weather conditions and job environments.
  3. How do I properly care for and maintain waterproof cargos?
    1. Machine wash cold to warm. Tumble dry cool to warm.
  4. Can I wear these cargos in extreme weather conditions?
    1. The cargos are capable of withstanding extreme weather conditions.
  5. Are there different levels of waterproofing available?
    1. No there are not
  6. Do your waterproof cargos come with any warranty against water damage?
    1. They come with a 30-day money back guarantee if they are not as described or are faulty.
  7. What activities are these cargos suitable for?
    1. These are suitable for working on building sites, Hiking, Tactical Training exercises.
  8. Are the pockets on your waterproof cargos also waterproof?
    1. Yes the pockets are waterproof.
  9. Do these cargos offer any breathability to prevent sweating?
    1. Yes the cargos to offer breathability and sweating.
  10. Can I machine wash and dry these cargos without affecting their waterproofing?
    1. It is advised you may tumble dry cool to warm.